Bulgaria is situated in Southeast Europe and occupies the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. To the north it borders on Romania, to the west on the Republic of Macedonia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, to the east on the Black Sea, to the south on Greece and to the southeast on Turkey's European part.
     Bulgaria attracts a constantly rising number of tourists with the combination of Moderate-continental and Mediterranean climate (warm summers, mild winters, and temperate springs and autumns). Many people are enchanted to discover the spectacular coexistence of modern lifestyle and ancient culture. Natural attributes, such as 354-km - long beautiful coastline, virgin mountains, forests, valleys and magnificent lakes, determine the ever - growing popularity of Bulgaria. Bulgarians are friendly and hospitable to foreigners and Bulgaria is a peaceful, law-abiding and trouble free country.
    Population: 7.8 million (UN, 2004)
    Capital: Sofia
    Area: 110,994 sq km (42,855 sq miles)
    Language: Bulgarian,English, German, French and Russian is spoken in the country's resorts, hotels and restaurants
    Major religion: Christianity
    Climate:Temperate continental with clearly marked four seasons. A Mediterranean influence is felt in the country's southern regions. The average annual temperature is 10.5C. The average January temperature is around OC. Average summer temperatures rarely exceed 30C.
    Political climate: stable and one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe (economic growth of about 5 % on a year basis)
    Memberships:Full membership in NATO and achieved criteria set for joining the European Union in 2007
    Life expectancy: 67 years (men), 75 years (women) (UN)
    Monetary unit: 1 lev = 100 stotinki,fixed exchange rate of the Euro to the national currency
    Main exports: Chemicals and plastics, food and drink, tobacco, machine-building equipment
    GNI per capita: US $2,130 (World Bank, 2003)
    Internet domain: .bg
    International dialling code: +359
    How ot get:Regular flights from all over Europe

By opening your way to Bulgaria we believe that when you see it you will open your heart to it....

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